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Loan U A Nounatron?

This phrase was created by rearranging the letters from stickers for Nolan's Rotation album. They were lying out at Wadsbone's birthday party in 2003 and people cut them into individual letters to make words. Terrence made up "loan u a nounatron" and stuck it to my coffee table. The phrase became the "in" phrase to ask for something for about 2 days in the fall of 2003.

The nounatron logo is a photograph of the original letters on my coffee table and reflected on a CD case for dramatic effect.

How the hell did we get "LOAN U A NOUNATRON" out of NOLAN and ROTATION? There's no U in either of those words! --Wadsbone

Look at the problem from a different angle, and the solution will present itself: lower-case letters. The 'u' is an upside-down 'n'.

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